• Smart Home Scenarios

    TechLink Challenge 2021

  • Smart Home Scenarios

    TechLink Challenge 2021

About Techlink Challenge 2021

Techlink Challenge 2021 is a global competition sponsored by Haier’s global R&D centers in China, North America, Europe and Japan.

Introducing Haier's Smart Home Scenarios TechLink Challenge 2021

Following our previous successful TechLink challenges, Techlink Challenge 2021 is now accepting applications focused on Smart Home Scenarios.

Haier Global Techlink Challenge seeks out new partnerships, products, technologies or services which can be coupled with Haier's smart home appliances.

We all live our daily lives differently, whether as single households, young couples, families with kids, working professionals or recently retired, and we expect our home appliances to be smart, adapt to our lifestyle and serve our needs.

From single family homes to apartment living to managing a large multiunit complex, there are many layers of smartness, intelligence and service that can be explored

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Smart appliances mean that the functionality and capabilities of our products are personalized, get better over time and learn our usage scenarios. Smart Home doesn't only refer to technologies and scenarios but also includes performance monitoring, maintenance & service, and connecting the home with the community and the ecosystem.

At Haier, we view Smart Appliances and Smart Home technologies as being the starting point for delivering true value. With that, the TechLink Challenge contest is also open for solutions focused on ecosystem growth, such as connected homes that can be a platform for highly personalized services or new products that the customer will value.

Brilliant ideas are out there – let us help you bring them to light!

About The Haier Group

The Haier Group, the world’s leading manufacturer of major home appliances, is calling on technology companies and revenue-generating value-added service providers from around the world, to submit their innovative solutions for the smart home.

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Apply here if your company has a technology or services solution that can fit users' scenarios in the smart home.


The winning applicants will receive a professional review by Haier's experts as well as the possibility of conducting a Proof of Concept with Haier.

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